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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Newspaper Samples

There is one true love that I have.  It's the one thing that relieves some stress.  It's a baby waiting to be born.  With completion it's a new a new life.  It's my writing. 

Below you will find links to recent writings I've done as a freelance features writer.  While my writing started in 1999 as an intern for major newspaper outlets, these writings are more what I enjoy.  During the years of 1999-2001, I served as a general assignment reporter with a focus on breaking and crime news topics. However, I've chosen to bring you through a more recent journey.  

Read and enjoy!

Houma group has taken faith to the extreme

Locals sail into history touring a replice of Nina

Physical Therapist known as business pioneer, eternal optimist

Reaching Out

How to keep pets cool this summer

Mission will focus on marriage roles

Thibodaux turns business into family affair

Downtown Thibodaux struts its stuff

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